Saturday, August 27, 2011

Treasure this journey!!!

Treasure this journey!!! is one of my favorite sayings at a wedding, this one was done for a special friend to celebrate her nuptials…

For me working with whites are the most difficult, this friend loves classic looks and chocolate color, so i incorporated both as the theme for this card...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Long, Long Time After

Wow, where did the time go by… i'm so sorry that i was soooooooo out of touch… been very busy with my work and never really got time for crafting and blogging… do you ever feel life has just sucked up your time?$@!%^) it was unbelievable i just turned around and it is a month since i last blogged… i'm back, and i hope to be good and true to blogging… (hope!!!!!)

So as my first piece after a long time i want to show a very special card i did for a friend… it was about "New Possibilities"

the front resembles a barn door (i wanted to do just a door - but i think the barn idea looks way better) the door resembles the avenues/ opportunities and new possibilities (sky is the limit)

inside is the famous stamp from tim - "every possibility begins with the courage to imagine"
i added a garden lantern to light the way….