Sunday, October 14, 2012

Challenge: Rustification

Where did time fly by, recently i was hit with a creators block and really got stuck for more than 2 weeks with it… so finally i got up the nerve to do this… i think it came out pretty good…. this one goes in to Simon Says Stamp and Show weekly challenge - Rustification!!!

the background was created with a little dust of perfect pearls… the wings are die cuts from grunge board and painted with crackle then it was again inked with alcohol inks to give more color and depth… then a wire here and a wire there… finished with a bit of lace and letters!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

12 Tags of 2012 - September

Its the september fest - and time for Tim's 12 Tags of 2012, i love this challenge, it was on perfect timing as i just got my package of foil tape sheets… i thought to do something of my own after being inspired by the wonderful creation done by Tim!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Tape it Up

It a another week and new challenge over at Simon Says Stamp and Show, it's all about tape it up…. 
here is my card;

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Read all about it

READ ALL ABOUT IT is the challenge of the week, has anyone checked out the simon says stamp "STAMPTEMBER" month…
in honor of STAMPTEMBER they are having a blog hop and a big challenge week… hope everyone enters… the theme is as i said
"Read all about it" we can interpret this anyway we like… 

the whole card is based on writing, from the old paper clipping collaged background to flowers that has been stamped with writing… it's all about reading!!!!

after collaging the background i embossed the card with tim holtz alterations, then i inked it up with distress, i left the middle part lighter and outer area darker, then i attached the wording stamped flowers, found a metal button to give it a chic look, finished off with inked letters "Wishes" 

here is a close up!!!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Fun with Summer Colors

this weeks Simon Says Stamp and Show some Distress Summer Colors by TH,
so here's my creation…

Sunday, August 26, 2012

12 Tag 2012 - August

its time to reveal my version of Tim's August 12 Tag… 

since i didn't have some of the products he used, i had to tweak up the concept a little bit!!!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Soar the sky!!!

it is the kite season here in Sri Lanka… since its holidays from school most of the kids are in the play grounds or at the beach, soaring the kites high… what a sight…

so today's tag is based on Inspiration Journal, August Monthly Challenge -  Go Fly a Kite!! the kites were cut out foam sheets then distressed them with distress inks, crackled with rock candy after letting it dry applied distress stains over… then i added a tail with ribbon and stones…

the background is first distressed with pine needle, then stamped then dusted with heirloom gold perfect pearls… the final touch, spritz and flick…

here is a close up!!!

 i'm entering this to both Inspiration Journal "Go fly a Kite" and Simon says stamp and show "No rules"!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My Favorite Techniques

OMG, where did the week go, i can't believe i missed the last SSS Challenge, which was extremely stupid on my part as i had just few moments to spend, yet i spent that watching the TV… the week flew by without even telling me, so i got stuck on things that are unnecessary, talk about great time management!!!

this week is a great challenge, as its all about showing off your favorite technique...but i'm stuck with many, and had trouble figuring out what to do…since there are many ways to present this, i'm not gonna choose just one… but many… so i created this card with 5 techniques i love!!!

first up, the wings: the large wing in the way back is crackle paint, i have inked it with distress ink to give it more depth (or shadows)…
the medium wing is gold embossing powder, with a distress inked background - i love how perfectly embossing ink work, giving the perfect touch… 
the small wing is all about one of my old techniques, chunky glitter (i used this many times in the past… so glad i could use again now)

the heart is textured with gesso and then colored it by playing with alcohol inks… and put a little touch of gold glitter for glimmer… don't you just love the effects of it…

one more, don't forget the background, this one is another favorite,  tim's spritz and flick from compendium of curiosities 2 

the wording "you are heavenly" came out of the label maker, but i didn't just wanted to keep it black as it didn't match the whole style of the card, so i added caramel alcohol ink and grudged it up with sanding paper, so i should say, by accident i learned a new one, which will become a favorite, i'm sure!!!

when i photographed this card, i couldn't believe, the antiquated look… it looks so cool!!! anyways, here goes!!


Sunday, August 5, 2012


another challenge @ Simon Says Stamp & Show, its What do you say?

Well, for me its this… 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Love, Wish, Dream

DreAm like of the universe, 
WisH for the stars, 
LoVe like the earth!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Hey there YOU!!

what is girl power without sexy fashionistas? well the theme is all about the ladies from Simon Says stamp and show challenge, the moment that was said, all i could think about was fashion stars from the early eras… like the 1920's, when women abandoned the highly formal cloths and started to transform in to more comfortable cloths.. this time was one of the turning points of the fashion industry… 

this was the era when everything in world started to change for women, their roles in the household, their roles in the society, their tastes and their styles… 

to women, who changed everything!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

No rules!!!

don't you just love to break a few rules once in while or get out of your hectic schedule do something different, something new!!! well that's what this week is all about, Challenge is "No Rules" from "Simon Says stamp & show

so i thought i'll take a different look to my creation, since i always take a card for my base, this time i took once of my old shoes… 

this is what i came up with...

the shoe was first covered with old vintage paper i found in my paper stash, the paper was soaked in general purpose adhesive and water to make it flexible to work with. after letting it dry, i inked up the paper with distress inks and pearl mists...

 a close up on the front, the fans near the roses are colored with alcohol inks… and the roses are colored with distress inks 

 a side look

the other side

so i hope you enjoy this new creation!.. 

Saturday, July 14, 2012


it is time for another challenge, this week "Simon says stamp and show some Layered

so layered it is, i stated by designing the background - on a piece of kraft glassine i used alcohol inks 'pool' & 'pearl' to create the sort of metallic effect, don't you just love using kraft glassine, its perfect with everything…
kraft glassine is then embossed through a texture fades,  i layered it with some craft paper i found in my stash… 
i found a piece of wire and painted it with alcohol inks and some glitter…the flourish is cracked and sprayed with pearl mist… 

all this is layered on top of each to make a cool grungy tag… 

here is a close up of all the elements...

Thursday, July 12, 2012


sometimes we must step back and appreciate the little things in life… 
this simple card was made to celebrate that very same concept!!!

dedicating this to all my crafting friends all over the world, let us take a step back to adore the simple things in our lives… 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Spritz, Spray or Stencil

it is time for blog challenge from Simon says stamp and show  some "Spritz, Spray or Stencil"

here is my take of the challenge, on a sticky back canvas i layered gesso, its textured with a palette knife and TH stamps, gesso -ing a canvas is one of the most fun things you can do, its all about the hand, you can add so many different layers of gesso or add any amount of textures - it'll still look coll. this time i used TH's mixed media stamp- bee hive on gesso. 

after adding all the layers and textures it's time to dry, you can either let it naturally dry or if impatient like me you can heat dry. Then i sprayed tattered angles glimmer mist, the colors are from santa baby to olive to jack frost to suede (ok, this is like almost the only time i have deviated from tim's collection as i really love the tattered angle collection, when i need really bright colors i have noticed that the perfect pearls mists are not really the best…(OMG, i can't believe i just said that, i feel cursed) but perfect pearl mists are still perfect for that vintage look (saved, from the wrath of speaking ill)) ++++ i feel really wired if i don't add any Tim product to mine so the final touch for the edges were done with distress crackle paint.  

the whole creation is spritz and sprayed with paint and mists. i took the negative of the elegant flourish piece that i cut out from tim's alterations collection and used that as a negative to add subtle finishes to the tag. 

below is an image of palette knife or painting knifes, they are such cool tools, i used to do a lot of canvas painting with them, which is what they are mostly used for… 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

12 tags 2012 - July

what a week, i have managed to stay on blogging with all my work for the last 2 week,  yippee, (pray i continue!!!! ;-)  

for this week i manage to conjure up Tim's 12 tag for July, this of course is my version as i didn't have all his supplies +++ i don't celebrate 4th of July as i'm from Sri Lanka… 
this one took a while as the technique was a little difficult to achieve, as i didn't have a air spray i improvised and used a straw to blow on the ink.. my third attempt is not too bad i think? ok, i know it is not as good as Tim's but he is the master and i am the student. 

the wording if you can't see properly says "Art is a Shadow of what a person is thinking" by T!M, i think is an appropriate saying for all us crafters!!! (as always, what do we not love about T!M…) 

i want to add this to inspiration journal challenge " red, blue and white" for month of July… 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A technique learned!!!

this card was done with alcohol inks and with a technique learned in tim holtz creative chemistry 101, it was a wonderful class and having learned from the best, it inspires me to perfect the techniques.. this is one of those attempts… yep, i know need a little more brushing up… but i'm learning… 

what i love about this is the vibrant colors that pop up, though in the alcohol range you get both the brights, pastels and the metallics… i love the bright range for most of my cards… i love how they add depth when i add each color on paper… 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Depth of Distress

For Simon Says Stamp and Show this week challenge was "depth of distress", the moment that word is said there is one thing that comes to us crafters minds: that is the "King of Distress - T!M" i don't think we can make a distress creation without his products… so i thought it is the best time to show off most of the product range in this card…

i have from stamps to embossing folders to distress ink to crackle paint to stickles to alcohol inks  just from T!M… as an addition i have done one of his techniques from the crafters bible "compendium of curiosities - vol 2" in which there is a dedicated page for " reflection stamping" (don't you just love that book)… 


With all my heart

i carry your heart with me
i carry it in my heart
i am never without it
anywhere i go you go,my dear; 

By E. E. Cummings 

Sunday, June 24, 2012


so this one " enjoy the moments to come…" layered with waves and sand is simply perfect for this type of time… summer, sunshine… 

this goes in to the challenge - a bit of sunshine, from Inspiration Journal

12 tags 2012 - June

so it is another month of tim's 12 tags, and i finally got a chance to enter… here is my version of tim's June tag!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Where in the world is your vagabond?

Where in the world is your vagabond?

mine is sitting in my garden with "Captain Thomas Juan", well you might wonder who in the world is captain juan? he a phantom of our imagination… my sister wanted to fill the garden with some statues and we both wanted a cool old dude who has presence while being really chilled about it… so this is who we got.. hehehe

anyways, since this is our favorite place to chill after hard day, i thought it was best to keep my favorite tool of the trade by one of my favorite people, Tim Holtz, in my favorite place in my home!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 - Class 4

Creative Chemistry 101 - Class 4 - all about Spray Inks and Stains

Impatiently awaiting the next set of classes starting off net week!!!

Creative Chemistry 101 - class 3

Another class of fun and learning; it was all about Re-inkers and Maintenance

Creative Chemistry 101 - Class 2

Class 2 was all about Archival Inks and its uses,

simply fun and educational!!!

Creative Chemistry 101 - Class 1

i'm doing something fun these days… i'm attending my favorite professor's online class - tim holtz creative chemistry 101!!!

for the last 5 days we've been learning many a things and here i will share some of my creations from the class!!!

Class 1: Distress Ink Introduction

Monday, March 5, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Every Possibilities

Trying to keep up, with all possibilities… with courage and imagination!!!