Saturday, July 7, 2012

12 tags 2012 - July

what a week, i have managed to stay on blogging with all my work for the last 2 week,  yippee, (pray i continue!!!! ;-)  

for this week i manage to conjure up Tim's 12 tag for July, this of course is my version as i didn't have all his supplies +++ i don't celebrate 4th of July as i'm from Sri Lanka… 
this one took a while as the technique was a little difficult to achieve, as i didn't have a air spray i improvised and used a straw to blow on the ink.. my third attempt is not too bad i think? ok, i know it is not as good as Tim's but he is the master and i am the student. 

the wording if you can't see properly says "Art is a Shadow of what a person is thinking" by T!M, i think is an appropriate saying for all us crafters!!! (as always, what do we not love about T!M…) 

i want to add this to inspiration journal challenge " red, blue and white" for month of July… 

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  1. Great work on this tag , the butterfly looks as though it is suspended really lovely x