Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our blessed holiday - Vesak

Today is a very special full moon - its known as the Vesak Poya for us Sri Lankans. what is it? Vesak is the day we celebrate Lord Buddha's Birthday (much like Christmas)… over 75% of Sri Lankan are Buddhists and we celebrate it Vesak with style, with lanterns and light festivals and pandols.

so today after 6 pm we light out our lanterns, here is how my house looks;

then i just went around the neighborhood to see what they have done… here is what i found...

this is the most common type of lanterns.. they come in all kinds of sizes and colors..

i love this lantern; it's a moving one, it goes round and round...

here is a close up, they have even added glitter

another design, sorry about the blurriness, it was moving to the wind…

some vibrant ones!!!

isn't this cool!!

love this one, take a look at the close up below, it has great detailing...

look at the hand holding the lotus flower!!!

Hope you enjoyed this post, i'm really enjoying this blessed holiday out here.


  1. Those are gorgeous and fun! Nice way to celebrate!

  2. Wow how beautiful! Wonderful decorations and your house looks great all lit up!

  3. Thanks for sharing this: Lovely to see how Vesak is celebrated, and your beautiful house.

  4. Thanks for sharing your holiday. The lanterns are really pretty.

  5. Fabulous photos. thanks for sharing.
    Jack xx

  6. Fantastic impressions, thanks for sharing these photos.