Friday, June 10, 2011

Been a long time

Hi all, it feels like ages since i last entered the pages of my blog… i've been really busy at work and simply had no time to think of anything else. so this weekend i'm gonna fill up the pages and let loose all the stress… i've got some new cards to show off too…

The first one is something i did for a friend, who is in fact a bride in waiting… it was her final birthday as a bachelorette, so this one was done to symbolize that.

close up

The second card i did was by accident... Recently i was going through my stash when i found these flat marbles which i found at a bead shop sometime back (as usual i have completely forgotten about it) so it stuck me suddenly with this creation…

a little bit closer
the last one to fill the night…

as it is past midnight, i'm falling asleep.. so i just want to leave you with these few words,

dreamer of dreams,
remember all the beautiful moments
see all the delightful colors of life
hear all the whimsical harmony around
dreamer of dreams have a wonderful night…


  1. AJ
    it is so good to see you posting artwork on your Blog.
    I am unable to view 2nd, 3rd and 4th cards but for the first card, this is just so beautiful with gorgeous colours and the last card has a brilliant Farmer's Market feel to it.
    Please don't leave it too long before you post again.

  2. Hi AJ - your cards are really nice - the mile stone is perfect!