Saturday, June 18, 2011

An Inspiration

a friend of mine wanted an Inspiration card for another friend, this friend is a great photographer and my friend wanted him to be inspired by what he does… the photographer is Hirushika… he has his photographs displayed in his Facebook page, so i decided to be inspired myself… if you take a look… the photographs are just absolutely wonderful… i took some of the photographs and added them to the card with Tim Holtz film strip ribbon… the center of the film strip have the photo of the photographer himself…

i wanted it to be more like a piece of art than just a card, so each item, each look has a meaning… the lens of the camera was done by molding some oven bake clay, to give it more real effect, i added a transparent sheet with a image i got from his collection - it was somebody walking on a sandy beach, i wanted the footprints to represent the wonderful journey ahead with limitless possibilities…
the camera it self represent the focus on doing what you love… the filmstrip was for all the creative sparks portrayed through a lens…
and to end, a small saying like, "live, love photography" on a photo frame…

Hope you all enjoyed my inspired creation…


  1. Very special and beautiful card!

  2. Very nice Sue. This is an awesome idea and will be inspiring I'm sure!

  3. Love your card - the filmstrip on top and carried through behind "live love" is really a great touch.

  4. Great card and it is very much like a piece of art!! Well done!

  5. I am very inspired with this card and I really appreciate what you have done. No words to express my joyful thoughts. Thanks a lot for REVERBERATIONS, Nilushi and Upekha